Who We Are

ProCert Labs is a company that specializes in developing and applying quality assurance standards to print and digitally delivered training products.

Since 2001, our rigorous quality assurance testing process has become the quality benchmark for IT and non-technical training products across industries that rely on a well-trained workforce.

What We Do

ProCert works with technical and non-technical organizations to develop quality assurance standards for Third Party training products.  For example, ProCert works with Microsoft to develop and apply standards of quality for all training products that are listed for sale on the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.  

Publishers submit their training product to ProCert for quality-assurance testing and upon successful completion, that product is listed for sale in the Marketplace.  ProCert’s quality assurance gives students and educators confidence that the courseware and training they want to buy meets the high standard of quality they expect.

How We Do It

ProCert works with subject-matter experts and instructional design experts to develop and apply quality standards to training materials.  Our experience makes  us a valuable partner in developing and deploying quality standards that make a difference.

As we work with industries and organizations to develop new standards, the broad adoption of that new standard is critical.  Our more than fifteen years of experience have shaped our understanding that publishers are key to the success of quality training standards.  Understanding this, ProCert works to engage publishers early in the development stage of their training products, making the new training standard simple for publishers to adopt.

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