QA Programs

Creating an effective quality assurance program can be a complicated undertaking.  Our experience can simplify that process and help you successfully navigate the launch and ongoing management of your program.  Scroll down to learn more about how we can help you.

How Do We Develop a Quality Standard?

ProCert works with technical and non-technical organizations to develop customized standards for third-party training products.  For example, ProCert works with Microsoft to develop and apply standards of quality for all training products that are listed for sale on the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace.


Start with the End in Mind

Identifying the primary objectives of your QA program is an important first step.

         1. Improved student outcomes?

         2. Ensure students and educators have many training options to choose from?

         3. Reduced customer support and user complaints?

Communications & Timing

15 Years of QA Experience

Once standards have been established, ProCert will actively work with publishers to help them submit and get their products approved.  Our active engagement strategy helps ensure that products can pass the QA process successfully.  Training products that meet QA standards are  listed for sale on as well as your own online marketplace.

Communications & Timing

Communications & Timing

Publishers submit their training product to ProCert for quality-assurance testing and upon successful completion, that product is listed for sale in the Marketplace.  ProCert’s quality assurance gives students and educators confidence that the courseware and training they want to buy meets the high standard of quality they expect.

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